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Hidden Niches

Water Treatment Room – Where is It?

By: Makenzie Cook/Senior Writer

Hey guys, we are back! Before break we went on our latest adventure with Mr. Nebz.,  a trip to  the water treatment room next to the guidance office. It’s easy to miss  in plain sight, but once you are inside it is like a whole new world.  We explored the treatment cycle and even got to discover the old phone lines. Also we got the inside scoop on the whole main breakage in the water pipe that had shut our school down for a day–and we got to do all this in our pajamas!

Hidden Niches

Have You Seen Everything There is to See at Blue Ridge School District?

By: Makenzie Cook/Senior Writer

Welcome to “Behind the Scenes,” our student blog, where we, two Blue Ridge seniors, Makenzie Cook and Kyle Maginley, show you the hidden places in our school! These are places we do not normally get to explore, because they are off-limits to students. Fortunately for us, Mr. Matthew Nebzydoski, the great adventurer (better known as our school’s curriculum director), has agreed to accompany us “behind the scenes!” Each week we hope to show you something different, possibly a place you didn’t know existed, or a place we find interesting.

Last week we visited the boiler room with Mr. Nebzydoski and learned how our school is heated by wood chips. Join us on our adventure.

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