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The Secret Catwalk (and the Air Conditioning Room)

By: Kyle Maginley/Senior Writer

As many know, the Blue Ridge auditorium is one of the largest rooms in the school with many levels filled with seats to watch anything ranging from plays, speakers, talent shows, etc. With that said, there are also hidden places in the auditorium, as well.

This past Wednesday, Makenzie Cook and I had a chance to check out the catwalk, thanks to Mr. Matthew Nebzydoski, our school’s curriculum director. The catwalk extends across the entire width of the auditorium, allowing for a great view of what’s happening below. Normally this is off-limits to students, but Mr. Nebzydoski gave us a tour right up to the access area and then he went on the catwalk and grabbed some footage of the view. 

Have you ever looked up once you are seated in the auditorium? The next time you are there look up and you might see the catwalk next to  massive speakers that give the auditorium an evenly spread audio boom. The catwalk, which is only accessible through one of the second-floor rooms, allows maintence workers access to those speakers and to lighting that hangs from the ceiling.

When you watch the video, you will see that we also visited the airconditioning room which not only houses the aircondtioning unit, but additionally serves as a storage area for auditorium seats and other things needed to maintain the auditorium. 

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